A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Game's Description:

Sugar Rush Rampage places a user in a colorfully fast paced hostile environment and forces them to think strategically in solo gameplay. The game brings the user to a mindset driven by mystery, suspense, anticipation, guns and glory. The player thrives in the world of Sugar Rush Rampage when adapting to their environment and consistently planning every move ahead.

- GAME DESIGN WORKSHOP - University of Central Florida, Summer 2015.
Created By: Team Chunk. Game credits are located in the start screen sub-menu button.

Install instructions

Download & Install Instructions:

1) Download the .zip file that is compatible with Windows or Macintosh.

2) Windows Users: Unzip the files and run the application called "SugarRushRampage.exe".

3) Macintosh Users: Unzip the files and run the application called "SugarRushRampage.app".

4) If necessary, please read the system requirements located inside the unzipped folder.

5) Play the game and enjoy! Share your experience by talking about this game to others.

- UPDATE - Both PC and MAC versions are now available for download!


SugarRushRampage_Windows(32-bit).zip 1 GB
SugarRushRampage_Macintosh(64-bit).zip 1 GB